For Misericordia, fashion is not just about clothes that last only one season.

The pieces are timeless and made of quality materials, made to last. The brand draws its inspiration from Peru and presents collections rich in colors and prints . In order to guarantee ethical and transparent manufacturing, Misericordia manufactures all of its collections in Peru . The brand regularly visits its designers and its workshop and thus ensures the quality of its products and proper compliance with working conditions (fair wages, reasonable working hours and a healthy and safe environment).

Man Dozes In The Wild Planet Universe Galaxy Embroidered SweatshirtMan sitting in balance courage sports jacket embroidered galaxy rocket cosmic inspiration travelMan lying in the grass nature LGBT multicolored rainbow color block embroidered sweatshirtMan lying in the grass colorful embroidery blue sweatshirt piercing masculine look hipster unusual creations Sustainable development is not an afterthought or a gimmick; it's a guiding principle that a company relies on when it comes time to make tough decisions . We reject the speed and production volumes of modern consumption.

Man asleep in the grass sky blue shirt bucolic long sleeve tailoring classic menswear Man lying in the grass looks away velvet pants and blue shirt sustainable fashion responsible shopping Misericordia thinks 'timeless', 'carefully curated', 'smaller', 'better', 'less' and 'designed to last a long time'. This approach marks a fundamental shift from the one-size-fits-all formula of pushing customers to buy more.

Woman from the back pink embroidered satin jacket and mouth sensuality hair in the wind feminist messageNatural woman white shirt short puff sleeves cropped blue pants nature tree summer season responsible shopping By knowing where products come from and who makes them, we not only cherish the goods we own, but also become aware of the environmental impact of our purchases.

Women's tree branches blue sweatshirt with multicolored embroidery country rainbow color block casual styleWoman lying in the grass overalls in overalls with feminine cut and navy shirt with white polka dots nature plants back to basics By connecting with manufacturers and providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools, we support our local communities and preserve the craftsmanship that is an integral part of our everyday culture .

Woman in black flannel dress with white polka dots walking in tall grass in countryside