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Misericordia offers a collection of sweatshirts that combine style, comfort and ethics, for modern men who are aware of their environmental impact.

Misericordia is a men's clothing brand that aims to be ethical and trendy . We offer a collection of sweatshirts that will satisfy fashion lovers.
We take an ethical approach by using materials that respect the environment , such as cotton. All our products are made locally in Peru in order to offer superior quality products while guaranteeing fair working conditions for our seamstresses.

Clean lines and thoughtful details

Our sweatshirts are made to last and can easily be layered over a shirt or jacket, while maintaining a stylish and modern look. They offer a comfortable alternative to classic jackets for those who want to stay fashionable while staying true to their own style.
Our clothes are designed with particular attention to quality, while remaining faithful to current trends . Minimalist cuts and clean lines lend a sleek masculine silhouette while showcasing the quality of the garments.

Original patterns and varied colors

Designed within Studio Misericordia in Paris , our trendy sweatshirts, with creative prints or with an embroidered logo on the chest, offer a unique and daring style. The colors offered are varied, ranging from the classic black and white to the more vibrant sapphire blue. These casual clothes can be worn in any situation.
Our contemporary and original sweatshirts highlight the male silhouette while allowing men to express their creativity .

Complete your look!

The centerpiece of your look, this sweatshirt is self-sufficient and will be paired with sober pieces in mottled or raw colours. True to its values, the Misericordia house offers quality pieces, made with meaning and heart. In a perpetual quest for excellence, each model is as unique as you!

With us you will not only find a unique collection of men's sweatshirts, but also a variety of clothes to complete your outfit. We have some elegant and comfortable pants , as well as coats and shirts . And for our customers, we have a selection of elegant dresses and modern jackets to complete their wardrobe. Our entire assortment of apparel is designed to be fashion forward while providing optimal comfort, with exceptional build quality to ensure longevity. Whether you're looking for a classic or modern style, you're sure to find it in our clothing collection for men and women .