Embroidery is also affording the luxury of time .

Made in our workshop in Lima, Peru, our embroidered pieces are made with heart. Each exclusive pattern is a story, or the guarantor of a message . And you, what will your story be?

Bird embroidery brown and black men's sportswear satin jacket

Mistico Aves Men's Jacket Black

Wild birds populate our gardens, our meadows, our forests, our cities, punctuate our days and nights with their songs.

These animals are associated with the allegory of the freedom. Freedom is a concept that designates the absence of submission, servitude and determination. Birds have no constraints or restrictions, a desire for freedom and escape that many would like to share .

Man close-up Bomber jacket long sleeves side bands brown and black bird embroidery

Mistico Aves Men's Navy Blue Jacket

Men's 3/4 long-sleeved sportswear bomber jacket with blue, green and red bird embroidery

Man close-up details Bomber jacket long sleeves side bands embroidery birds blue green and red

Women's Mistico Aves Jacket Navy Blue

At Misericordia, the graphic embroideries testify to the collective work of our sewing workshop , whose priority is quality. We try to transmit our emotions and our convictions through our clothes. We are proud and happy to see you wearing them in your daily life.

Misericordia believes that sustainable fashion can make the difference . Fashion is not just a question of appearance, but also a means of feeling good in accordance with one's convictions, while respecting people and the environment.

Woman profile Bomber jacket long sleeves side bands embroidery birds blue green and red

Women's Sweatshirt Aves Black

Front woman black sweatshirt embroidery birds casual sportswear

Men's Fontanero Aves Black Overshirt

The Fontanero Overshirt is one of the flagship pieces of this collection, we find all the codes of the brand up to its symbol, representing the work of our designers: " Manos, Espíritu y Corazón ", which expresses the relationship to our creations, made with our hands, our mind and our heart.

Men's back jacket cotton long sleeves embroidery birds overshirt utility work blue
Artistic finished bird embroidery detail

Men's Fontanero Cohete Navy Blue Overshirt

Multicolored men's back galaxy embroidery jacket rockets planets artistic astronomy

Fontanero Aves Overshirt Black Gold Yellow Embroidery Workwear Utility Overshirt

Men's Sweatshirt Macarron Cohete Navy Blue

Space has fascinated the whole world since the dawn of time, it is full of questions and questions that we still cannot answer today. As mysterious as it is captivating, the universe represents the unfathomable and the infinite , of which we each make our own representation. Majestic and boundless galaxy...

Men's navy blue sweatshirt embroidery multicolor galaxy rockets planets sportswear casual
embroidery multicolor galaxy rockets planets detail stars comets cosmic

Fontanera Cohete Women's Navy Overshirt

Misericordia embroideries are rich and stimulate the imagination through iconic, contemporary and timeless models. With its know-how, guided by audacity, the brand works to develop collections with a strong identity, a unique touch, subtle palettes, with materials to dream and create.

Women's multicolored galaxy embroidery back jacket rockets planets casual artistic finishes

Women's Sweatshirt Macarron Arco Iris Blue

"Arco Iris" : Rainbow. A rainbow can be observed when drops of water fall or are suspended in the air and a strong light source shines in its direction. It heralds good weather after the rain, associated with joy, gaiety or renewal. The rainbow has often been at the heart of myths and legends around the world, seen as a bridge, a path taken by gods, sorcerers or legendary heroes...

Women's Blue Sweatshirt Embroidery Multicolor Rainbow Colors LGBT Artistic Freedom

Women's Jacket Antonia Arco Iris Navy Blue

Women's embroidery velvet jacket from the back multicolored rainbow bright colors artistic freedom

Men's Jacket Antonio Arco Iris Navy Blue

All the making of our embroidered pieces is carried out in our own workshop in Lima. Thousands of stitches are necessary to obtain levels of embroidery with such a realistic rendering and impeccable finishes.

Multicolored embroidery detail rainbow star velvet jacket colors vintage inspirations

Men's Back Multicolor Rainbow Star Embroidery Detail Navy Velvet Jacket