Misericordia opened its shop at 7-9, rue de Charonne in the 11th Arrondissement .
Born from the imagination of Aurelyen, the founder and stylist of Misericordia, the Misericordia boutique is the perfect showcase for the spirit of the brand. The reflection of this laboratory project born in the slums of Lima and which has conquered the most prestigious concept stores with collections in a chic and sophisticated style. This space offers an authentic lifestyle to satisfy trendsetters . These "consumers" have finally found a place to impose the new values ​​linked to the act of modern consumption.

In this 55m2 space where the codes of black and white blend gracefully, you will of course find the latest collection of Women's & Men's ready-to-wear by Misericordia, but also the refined line of basics and an exclusive selection of accessories. .

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Interior of the Misericordia boutique on rue de Charonne, carrying trendy Paris fashion men's clothing
The brand is used to rubbing shoulders with the greatest, so it is only natural that it opens its first store in Paris in the essential street of the Bastille district at 7-9 rue de Charonne. Next to prestigious neighbours: Isabel Marant, Sessun, Frenchtrotters… Misericordia traces its path from its sewing workshop in Lima to its essential boutique in Paris. Completely independent , this backbone prolongs the meeting between our talented team of designers and new realists from around the world.
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The central cabinet is an assembly of black Quartzite stones enclosed in steel frames. Around, the Misericordia team welcomes you to tell you our story and extend the dialogue initiated around the achievements of our sewing workshop. Our designers offer in this context the best of our know-how, to satisfy new adventurers from all over the world. Far from the diktats of mass consumption, Misericordia highlights products made of the best materials, resulting from high quality craftsmanship.
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You enter the shop by walking on a poem telling the story of Misericordia. These words are screen-printed by hand on a black parquet floor. They invite us to follow the waves formed by the profiled racks on which the clothes float in luminous purity. At the bottom of this perspective sits a castle, a 19th century confessional in black oak where trying on clothes becomes an offbeat experience in the search for meaning and societal involvement .
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