Rethinking fashion while respecting the product and the human is a challenge to which Misericordia has aspired for years. Our collections offer a contemporary wardrobe , responding to the challenges of our time⁠.

Cyclists crossing the bridge over the Seine Parisian look timeless pieces sportswear

Cyclists sunset friendship Parisian ride on bike sustainable fashion

Young urban cyclist contemporary sports activity fixie in Paris streetwear and sportswear

Parisian arcades mixed couple love under bridges casual weekend timeless collection

Misericordia wants to give fashion a resolutely modern twist. Sportswear influences, a touch of luxury with satin pieces, and strong cultural references, which blend together elegantly for timeless collections .

Shadow and light in the Parisian capital, trendy and uninhibited youth, laughter among friends, trendy clothes
Young smiling man urban menswear Parisian arcades, dynamic capital best shopping address, comfortable and warm clothes to face the winter
Laughing young people, diversity and open-mindedness, blue work uniform utility jacket
Group of cyclists under the arcades of Paris, ethical fashion, committed collections, exceptional know-how
Aerial metro crosses the Seine, Parisian arcades, happy young people in streetwear style clothes
Portrait young mixed-race man, sportswear and cycling cap, satin bomber jacket with heart embroidery
Group of young Parisians near the Paris metro on the right bank, fashion campaign for urban clothing and trends
Young man cyclist under the arches fixie bike beard hipster engaged fashion

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