Embroidery is the most used decorative art in fashion, historically present in the royal world, embroidery adorned the ceremonial outfits of the greatest emperors or kings. Today it is making a comeback thanks to new exclusive techniques.

jellyfish embroidered jacket streetwear fashion sportwear man boy

Back to 80's , find the trendy sportswear jacket from the disco years, brought up to date. Timeless, it is the essential piece to have in your dressing room. To wear after a sports session, a walk on a Sunday afternoon or at your in-laws, this basic will always be faithful to you.

Japanese embroidery bomber jacket artisanal culture on woman mannequin in paris

Originally, souvenir jackets were designed to be personalized and to convey messages. So the Japanese bomber jacket you choose should have something that represents your personality. In other words, these souvenir jackets should say something about the wearer. To design a perfect " Sukajan" , one must understand the cultural history behind this unique and amazing garment.

Japanese embroidery work jacket for men French designs responsible manufacturing in Peru

Using durable materials on which to make our various embroideries expresses our desire to perpetuate traditional know-how. The resistance of these fabrics traditionally used for work clothes will allow you to keep them for a long time. They will evolve with you and become your best ally.

jacket with bird embroidery in shiny satin ideal for everyday wear fashion streetwear bomber jacket

Embroidery has always been a means of appropriating clothing. Like a body ornament, it is a personification that adds affect to an everyday piece. From this interpretation results an emotional part , which we, Misericordia, are proud to offer you.

unique embroidered misericordia sunrise embroidery made in peru for men with long hair in a standing back studio for everyday life at work or at home

At Misericordia, Peru has always been a major source of inspiration . Thanks to the embroideries we want to illuminate our creations, we imagine each motif like a sun that shines in the sky. The use of the color gold gives an even more precious aspect to the richness of our creations. Every day, passionate craftsmen ensure the quality of the products , so we can offer pieces with refined tailoring.

embroidery but spirit and heart know-how and tradition of peru quality clothing for men and women

Misericordia has created a strong symbol, more than a slogan, the famous: "Hands, Spirit and Heart". Embroidered on the chest, this symbol appeals to a certain spirituality and a quest for fundamentals. He highlights the entire Misericordia production chain which works with his hands, his mind and his heart. So our real motto is naturally: "Trabajamos Juntos con Manos, Espiritu y Corazon"

embroidery on sweatshirt with man holding hands standing in a photo studio and promoting ethical and responsible fashion made in Peru and created in paris by a designer

At Misericordia, you will necessarily find the embroidery that suits you . These are present on shirts, jackets, jackets and sweatshirts. The finesse of our creations make them true works of art . Do not be afraid to affirm your taste for beautiful things and adopt the new Misericordia collection!

bird embroidery on intense blue nature animal sweatshirt with impressive details and incredible finishes

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