Throughout our inspirations and our favourites, discover our selection of designers . At Misericordia, we are attentive and sensitive to small details . The idea is to emphasize creativity , while promoting reasoned production methods.

The trend is towards upcycling : tired of your little black dress? A slightly basic bag to twist? An alpaca hat that you want to make unique? Without further ado, succumb to the quirky and colorful charm of these clip-on brooches to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

dinosaur fashion brooch gold color funny with an offbeat humor that breaks the codes in a society in upheaval that evolves daily

This season we want to put some color in your life more than ever. Misericordia offers you the opportunity to do so! We have created especially for you a unique selection of offset brooches to clip anywhere, the result of a collaboration with the CLAP PARIS brand.

jewelry clip-on brooches everywhere crab paris jacket scarf accessories

Come and discover exclusively in your Misericordia stores and on the website a new selection of small accessories originals that will allow you to make the difference . To clip on your bags , scarves , shoes or blouses, these ornaments will add pep to your outfit . Made in a resistant zamac metal, these brooches will accompany you on a daily basis.

turtle pin brooch to clip anywhere on jacket with pockets scarves bags lights up outfits radiates in the city and you become unique in the eyes of others

With these superb brooches, let's give back all the letters of nobility to Lavoisier's mythical formula: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" . A jacket that has been lying around in your closets for two seasons? But impossible to part with it? Give it a second life by personalizing it with the different CLAP Paris brooches.

golden brooch crocodile on work jacket easy to wear everyday in any city on different outfits

Stand out with these shiny or enamel pins. Easy to put on and take off their special clip will not mark your clothes. With these impertinent accessories we want to offer everyone the possibility of becoming the magician of their wardrobe. “Resuscitate”, “multiply”, “reuse galore”, so many formulas to use without moderation to upCLAPER everything, without taking the cabbage.

woman wearing a brooch on a navy blue cap this brooch represents a flying saucer

Accessible and fun accessories for every day. With these you are sure not to get bored . These new models are available in explosive colored elements that break the codes . From the creative universe of Laura, founder of CLAP Paris, these little "clip clap" pliers will amaze you. In addition, setting them up is child's play.

brooch representing a spring flower on a workwear work jacket with a woman's hand

Brooches have always been a way to stand out , long before the Middle Ages these jewels already adorned the most beautiful outfits. But it is really from the Renaissance that they experienced a real boom. They were often adorned with precious stones to assert its place in society . Today, costume jewelry has replaced the gemstone brooch, but the result is still the same. An assertive and unique style!

silver dinosaur clip-on brooch ideal for personalizing everyday clothes without buying them for each new season, this gives them new life

In order not to go unnoticed and to impose yourself as a dinosaur from a long time ago (we no longer have our history manuals with us), we advise you to adopt this brooch. Funny, it will make young and old alike smile. With a leopard print you'll be ready to go on a fashion safari. You'll be a sensation at Fashion Week, that's for sure!

elegant dog beautiful gold brooch that shines and gives a unique style to your outfit ideal for personalization and to be unique in our society where everything is alike

Upcycling, or the idea of ​​recycling to transform into French, has become increasingly important in fashion in recent years. A real awareness , which proves necessary when the production processes evolve to be part of the ethical and responsible approach, which Misericordia has always supported.

red poppy spring flower countryside ideal for walking in the fields in company

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