The basics are the clothes that we use day after day to compose our outfits. It is therefore interesting to opt for quality classics that ignore trends , and that we can bring out regardless of the year or the season.
Far from being the zero degree of clothing, at Misericordia we will agree that these clothes are " essential " or even " timeless ", without which, a look would not be possible.

Misericordia's raison d'être: to guarantee you the manufacture of sustainable products.

Whether they are colorful or rather sober, create your looks according to your mood with our Cristobal jackets with their workwear DNA , to combine business with pleasure.

jacket cristobal misericordia workwear key piece Misericordia men's coveralls sustainable clothing made in Peru

On the sportswear side, timeless items in any season, our sweatshirts dress you according to your desires.
This garment, initially designed for athletes, has become an essential fashion item .

Don't miss this season's Misericordia sweatshirts, they're ready to expand your wardrobe .

Timeless Misericordia cotton sweatshirt in invigorating colors misericordia basic sweater ethical message centerpiece100% cotton sweater Misericordia embroidery worked with the heart hands and mind