Indomable Medallon T-Shirt White

Sizes S-XXL
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Animals are born with innocence, curiosity and love .

The horse has been present with man since the dawn of time. He was always at her side, at her service. Both an emblem of power and glory , it is interesting to wonder if the place of this living being is really at the mercy of its trainer. We are wild and indomitable , this freedom from the rules remains essential to our emancipation.

The Misericordia house is committed to raising awareness of the depopulation of these species through this design, in order to overcome these major ecological problems together. As with each of our creations, our philosophy goes beyond the very idea of ​​clothing: a strong message that does good through beauty.

This t-shirt brings with it unparalleled know-how combined with timelessness thanks to its classic cut and the best possible cotton .

► Classic cut normally cut
► 100% Cotton
► Machine washable
► Made in Peru in the Misericordia workshop