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Tailles S-XXL
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Misericordia offers a collection of dressy sports jackets for modern men who care about their appearance and their environmental impact. Our men's clothing brand is distinguished by its ethical approach, using environmentally friendly materials to manufacture our products. All our clothes are made locally in Peru , in fair working conditions for our tailors, in order to guarantee superior quality products.

Stylish and durable sports jackets

Our men's sports jackets are stylish and durable, offering a contemporary look that will never go out of fashion . They are worn with ease over a shirt or a t-shirt , preserving their refined and sophisticated character. We have paid particular attention to the quality of our garments, using clean cuts and minimalist lines that enhance the male figure while emphasizing the quality of our products.

Careful details and an original style

Our clothes are made with attention to detail and impeccable finishes. They come in a diverse range of colors, from classic black to bolder shades like navy blue and red. We also offer models adorned with original patterns or embroidered logos , to add a touch of uniqueness and panache to your outfit.

Complete your outfit with our other products

At Misericordia, we offer a complete selection of clothing for men , including chic and comfortable pants , as well as coats and sweatshirts . We also have a clothing collection for women , ranging from elegant dresses with modern jackets , to complete their wardrobe. All of our garments epitomize fashion excellence, combining comfort and exceptional craftsmanship for unparalleled longevity. Whatever your style, classic or modern, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for in our collection of clothing for men and women .