At Misericordia, we are committed to creating bold and timeless styled women's pants. Clean lines and sharp cuts allow you to play with the silhouette, while exceptional materials provide optimal comfort. Each of our pants is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, for a clean and minimalist design that will accompany you through the seasons.

Our collection of women's trousers is distinguished by perfectly controlled cuts in high quality fabrics. We are proud to offer comfortable pants with an impeccable fit, designed for the women who wear them and to follow them throughout their days. Confidently adopt the distinguished spirit of Misericordia, offering models perfect for the contemporary , elegant and refined woman.

Our women's trousers are available with a modern, fitted cut, paired with a shirt or a jackets for elegant and casual looks in all circumstances. We pay particular attention to the quality of our materials, using comfortable and resistant fabrics for a timeless look.

In addition to our women's pants, we offer a full range of clothing to complete your outfit, such as t-shirts with trendy prints, elegant dresses and modern sweatshirts . All our garments are designed with exceptional materials and meticulous workmanship to meet high standards of quality and durability.

At Misericordia, we believe that quality and style should not be sacrificed for responsible manufacturing practices. That's why we make sure our women's pants are made ethically , using eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing practices."