Querido Rescate T-Shirt White

Sizes S-XXL
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The living forces of nature image here the allegory of a journey representing adventure. We explore, we discover unexplored places by facing the waves , the eddies… Sometimes dead calm, sometimes unleashed by stormy waves , it remains important to stay on course. A rough sea of ​​the twists and turns of life, you might say. Much more than a fashion piece, Misericiordia imagines powerful and inspiring graphics with excellent know-how.

As creatives , we are constantly stimulated by various elements , sometimes random, which surround us: visuals, sounds, texts, smells, memories, feelings, etc... It is by translating all this into unique and committed patterns that the magic happens!

► Soft touch cotton jersey
► Round neck
► Printed on the front
► Slim fit - close to the body
► Machine washable
► 100% Cotton
► Made in Lima in the Misericordia workshop