Limited edition screen print - Dirigible - 30x40cm



Why do people create art? What is the driving force behind creation?

If you visit our online site, you can see that our creative process is a ritual, a ceremony, or a cultural tradition...

Aurelyen, the designer of Misericordia, creates works of art, which relate to socio-political issues, immigration topics, collective memory, philosophical ideals, landscapes and urban legends.

His works of art provide a real context with which each person can reflect on their own roots, their cultural environment, and understand their place within a global community.

The collection of silkscreen prints is made up of drawings by Aurelyen, a French artist who has lived in Peru since 2003.

Limited Edition of 30 pieces, signed by Aurelyen, numbered and dry-stamped
Original size: 30x40cm
Material: 1 color screen print on Cordenons Dali Candido 360gr paper
Made in Lima in the Misericordia workshop