Querido Caros T-Shirt Navy Blue

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Sizes S-XXL
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You don't need to speak to show your personality, it will reveal its essence itself. The uniqueness of an individual can be expressed in the way they dress.

Our mission is to provide you with an unlimited creative way to express yourself . We believe that printed clothing is one of the many ways to convey your attitude! Because actions speak louder than words, choose to wear our designs. You are an unstoppable force no matter what life throws at you, show it!

Driving is fun! The sensation of speed and adrenaline aboard powerful machines like rockets transform us in a few moments from adults to 5-year-old children . These 9 sports coupes with their 22-inch rims and sports spoilers will take you on a journey. They will take you to the slopes with the seasoned donut-making pilots.

► Lightweight, soft-touch cotton jersey
► Round neck
► Printed on the front
► Slim fit - close to the body
► Machine washable
► 100% cotton
► Made in Lima in the Misericordia workshop