Blue souvenir jacket Paraguas Pavo Real

Sizes S-XXL


Japan’s sukajan, the embroidered satin college jacket you’ve no doubt seen a million times in Japan, has really come a long way: from being nothing but a wearable souvenir to covering fashionista’s shoulders.

Original sukajan embroideries were linear and simple as they had to be handstitched. Anyone who has ever tried hand embroidery would know how time-consuming and laborious the process is. With today's advanced machinery, embroidery no longer has to be done by hand, which allows for more complex designs and colour combinations.

Souvenir jackets have become an integral part of pop culture fashion. They’ll continue to be reimagined, but the spirit of their conception will never fade.

Let your unique style shine with this peacock feather embroidery design. Peacock feathers are considered to bring in good luck, peace and harmony. The original peacock feathers have iridescent colors – metallic blue and green are the dominant colors.

► Embroidery on the front and the back
► Ribbed knit trim at the neck, cuffs and bottom
► Two zip pockets
► Regular fit
► 100% Polyester
► Machine wash
► Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop

Each piece of Misericordia carries emotions, such as passion, sadness, humor, fear, but also music and the sincere motivation of our social and creative project.

Misericordia, a project with a global vision and local action 100% Made in our workshop in Lima - Peru