Misericordia brand values ​​symbolize freedom of expression and movement. Local and responsible brand, our collections make fashion rhyme with sensitivity, complicity, modernity, and offer to consume it differently. With the mantra: " knowing how to take the time ", Misericordia advocates responsible fashion, far from 'Fast Fashion' and its dictates. By promoting quality products, passionately thought out by a team in Lima , by developing them with care in Peru, by selling them at a fair price, the brand claims a whole state of mind.
navy wave t-shirt for men ideal for summer qualitative printing

The t-shirt is the easiest garment to wear. Practical , comfortable and aesthetic, we all have at least one printed t-shirt. Pink, blue, red, grey, white the variations are endless. Misericordia has always been sensitive to t-shirts and attaches particular importance to this piece.

quality silkscreen men's t-shirt made in Peru SOS call for help

Our screen-printed t-shirts, beyond their graphics and the characteristic aesthetics that emerge from them, very often include a hidden message: protection of the biodiversity of the oceans, journey without return, place of Man in the cycle. of life... We put feelings into our creations, so that a story is born between the garment and the person who wears it.

t-shirt with activist message about a woman holding her head who is determined to act for the world to change

Our committed or artistic silkscreens respond to the idea of ​​making a t-shirt a real communication medium . In a world in upheaval, it is important to act and transmit strong messages . Thanks to Misericordia t-shirts you can enter a revolutionary march.

t-shirt with a revolutionary message for men ideal for summer or going to a demonstration

The different serigraphs that you can find on our t-shirts are made in our workshops in Lima by a passionate team .

women's white opresion top t-shirt ideal to enhance your outfit

Premium streetwear is a trend that has captured the hearts of designers, musicians and influencers. If you're into a more edgy street style, these t-shirts are the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity. Break away from plain t-shirts and try a strong print to inject character into your outfit.

women's quality screen print light gray round neck short sleeve

From the comfort of your apartment, you can order this piece and have it delivered directly to your home . Find on our site, the most fashionable pieces. This T-shirt is a perfect find that you can wear again and again, multiplying the associations .

the end of the world marine t-shirt for men in a chaotic world

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