As a brand committed to desirable, responsible and sustainable fashion, Misericordia joins forces with partners who care about the future. Let us look together towards the same horizon .

Jewels to keep close to you, like the song of the ancestors. Let yourself be carried away to the rhythm of the Tuareg engravings .

Axelle and Aude, the two founders of Ombre Claire have as a guideline ethical accessories that create meaning, weave links. Objects to offer to those you love, to collect, a pleasure for yourself, an alliance to unite. Creations that travel and tell stories .

Between Misericordia and Ombre Claire, a parallel is created: sustainable materials, reasoned work that respects people and resources , and objects that are appropriated for their values ​​and their emotional significance .

necklace long necklace tahoua shade clear gold responsible ethics flat bracelet with light shade Tuareg engraving gold metal women's bi-color ring treasure clear shade solid silver recycled bronzezinder long arrow chain necklace light shade gilt bronze 24 carat fine goldsculptural silver ring handmade chiseled north africatwisted golden hoop earrings light ombre handmade quality materialresponsible ethical creation light shade tuareg arrow necklaceolive tree ring light shade silver gold handcrafted african craftsmanship

Handcrafted from recycled 999 silver , bronze and other durable materials .