The Misericordia revolution responds to the uncertainty of the present and the near future, expressing solidarity and combining it with the necessity of art, constantly exploring the richness of contradiction, perplexity, change and movement.
¡Viva la Revolution!
the end of the world el fin del mundo woman with committed message t-shirt responsible fashion in a changing world
The T-shirt is a very simple way to convey your state of mind to the world. Misericordia has gathered many admirers through a committed community, associating design with comfort. Known for its iconic t-shirts , the brand symbolizes the fantastic creativity of urban fashion.
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Misericordia offers here exclusive illustrations , an invitation to resistance and to the changes to come that will turn the world upside down. Thanks to the cohesion of a group, the people have always succeeded in moving mountains. Use the strength of a group to achieve an improvement in life for some or a better environment for others. Come and discover a selection of t-shirts printed in quality cotton. Entirely made in our workshops in Lima, Misericordia t-shirts will accompany you on a daily basis.
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Available for men and women, in several colors they can match your outfits. Enhanced with a vest or jeans, their modern cut will give you a cool and trendy look in all circumstances. Aurelyen invents graphics from creative feelings: love, pain, hope, fear... with the aim of creating the best pieces of a wardrobe.
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Misericordia's challenge is to develop innovative artistic projects that concretely engage with issues of creation, social justice and community building in Lima, Peru.