This summer, the Misericordia brand wants to bring a breath of happiness, love and cohesion . In response to current challenges, offering a worked wardrobe and in the continuity of our ethical project, the sweatshirts, dresses, pants, t-shirts are made in our workshops in Lima. Respect for labor laws and social support are the key words... we tell you more!

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Declining the basics of the male and female wardrobe, Misericordia is once again committed to offering unique pieces , all designed by Aurelyen, the brand's founder. With his team, he ensures that each creation meets your expectations, and those of our company.

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At Misericordia, if creativity is essential to us, so are the materials used. We make sure to use resistant fabrics that will last over time. Thus, each model will follow you and evolve at your own pace. Thanks to the timeless cuts , Misericordia clothes fit in with their time and your way of life .

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Misericordia affirms a minimalist and refined style, where freshness, lightness and comfort coexist. Simple cuts , craftsmanship based on know-how , and superior quality materials... The brand offers essential and contemporary silhouettes, always adding a little quirky touch, playing with various inspirations .