Paraguas Volcano Jacket Navy Blue

Sizes S-XXL
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The Japanese sukajan jacket in embroidered satin with its college shape that you have undoubtedly seen a million times in Japan, has really come a long way: from a simple souvenir to wear, today, it covers the shoulders of fashionistas. Souvenir jackets have become an integral part of fashion and popular culture . They will continue to be re-imagined, but the spirit of their design will never fade.
The symbolism of the volcano is inseparable from that of the mountain and the lava. The volcano is associated with the domain of the gods and telluric forces . It is an enormous power, terribly dangerous and destructive. The inner fire of magma, when it rises in the form of lava, is synonymous with impetuous and unpredictable anger. The Volcano is a force of nature , this vital force is in each of us and pushes us to accomplish great things, it is a fire that we must preserve and maintain in order to surpass ourselves.

► The model wears size M and is 186cm tall
► Embroidery on the back
► Ribbed edges at the neck, cuffs and waist
► Two front pockets
► Normal cut
► Long sleeves
► Zipper
► 100% Polyester
► Machine wash
► Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop