Velas Macarron Sweatshirt Black

€124,00 €155,00
Sizes S-XXL


This round neck sweatshirt has a standard fit. Its fleece has a sensational softness and lightness that will provide you with the necessary comfort throughout the day.

The candle is the symbol of love, tenderness and affection . Misericordia believes that sustainable and committed fashion can make a difference. Fashion is not just about appearance, but also a way to express yourself in accordance with your beliefs and thoughts. Our embroidery then images here this great human symbol of the light that illuminates , of the fire that warms, it speaks beyond words. The candles here represent the emblem of wish, of hope , it expresses what is important for man.

Delicately embroidered clothing has always been a mark of wealth and status in many cultures, including ancient Persia, India, China, Japan, Byzantium and Europe. Traditional folk techniques have been passed down from generation to generation in cultures as diverse as northern Vietnam, Mexico and Eastern Europe. Today, most contemporary embroidery is stitched using an embroidery machine. Misericordia uses embroidery to give its clothing a unique and artistic look.

All of our embroidered sweatshirts are made in our own workshop in Lima. Thousands of sewing stitches are necessary to obtain levels of embroidery with such realistic rendering and impeccable finishes .

► The model wears size M and is 186cm tall
► Round neck
► Embroidered sweatshirt
► Ribbed edges at the collar, cuffs and waist
► Classic cut, normal size
► 100% cotton
► Machine washable
► Made in Lima in the Misericordia workshop

Take time

Alongside Misericordia, choose clothes made in small quantities, artisanally in our workshop in Lima.

Opening the horizons of thought towards a resurgent and non-conformist fashion. Working on memory through contemporary pieces made in an artisanal way. Support local production and contribute to social development. So many values ​​that Misericordia defends, for you, thanks to you.