Fontanero Cuerpo Overshirt Black

Sizes S-XXL


Often copied, never equalled: since 2002, the Fontanero overshirt has been a benchmark in terms of comfort. Constantly available in new variants, it illustrates, with its sophisticated details, the timeless character of an assertive and functional design.

The human body is a magnificent machine , a feat of nature that must be protected, cherished and maintained. Despite the very advanced progress in science, we do not yet understand everything about the human body. The human organism is incredible, capable of running marathons, of conceptualizing dark matter, of constantly learning new things, of fighting infections... There is still much to discover about our organism.
We can distinguish on this jacket the nervous system , the blood system , the bone structure or even the muscular structure .

Graphic embroideries are vibrations, a form of communication. Ours are irreverent, with a real authentic message. Funny, obscure, retro or rebellious - our graphics pack a punch.

The Fontanero Overshirt is one of the flagship pieces of this collection, we find all the codes of the brand right down to its symbol, representing the work of our designers: “ Manos, Espíritu y Corazón ”, because we work with our hands , our mind and our heart.

► The model wears size M and is 182cm tall
► Classic shirt collar
► Buttoned front closure
► Embroidered back, embroidered collar
► Buttons on the cuffs
► 100% Cotton
► Machine wash
► Made in Peru in the Misericordia workshop