Tee-Shirt Querido Animal White

Sizes S-XXL


Because we live in homes with ready access to water, electricity and food, most modern humans living in the developed world have lost the survival skills that kept our ancestors alive.

The natural world isn't always as pleasant a place as you might see in cartoons. It can be cutthroat, painful, and at times it is difficult for animals to survive. Human activity has made this all the harder, as territories and ecosystems of plants and animals get destroyed, and natural patterns disrupted.

This Misericordia print is about predator and prey evolving and learning together.

As creative people, we are constantly stimulated by various, sometimes random, things around us: visuals, sounds, text, smells, memories, feelings etc. Translating all of that into unique and wearable designs is where the magic part happens!

► Crew neck
► Front print
► Slim fit - cut closely to the body
► Machine wash
► 100% Cotton
► Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop