Paraguas Craneo Jacket Black

Sizes S-XXL


As is the case with many sartorial icons, the Souvenir jacket is a garment that has evolved beyond its cultural origins and become integrated into our popular culture . This very distinctive style of embroidery was originally created for American GIs to take home souvenir jackets, after the post-war occupation of Japan , from which the garment's name comes.

Since then, Souvenir jackets have appeared countless times in films, on fashion shows and continue to serve as an iconic representation of rebellion to this day.

Besides the embroidered designs themselves, this style of jacket is defined by its cut, which is similar to a classic American baseball jacket . This style was adopted by working-class youth and also became a symbol of rebellion in Japan after the war. For the Japanese bourgeoisie, the jacket had negative connotations, particularly as a symbol of links between gangs and delinquency.

This embroidery is a metaphor for existence and the human condition. Clinically, we mean death as the state that sets in when our heart stops beating . Blood circulation stops, we no longer breathe, our brain stops, and this is what divides the states we occupy from one moment (alive) to the next (death). But philosophically, our definition of death is based on something else: the point beyond which we can no longer return. Are you alive ?

► The model wears size M and is 186cm tall
► Long Sleeves
► Zipper
► 100% Polyester
► Machine wash
► Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop