Scarf Boucle Inmensa Navy Blue



The epitome of coziness! This oversized scarf, made in Peru out of the finest alpaca yarn, is a forever classic, it can be worn long and layered over a coat or wrapped multiple times around the neck to hit the streets on chilly days and feeling super cozy and warm. Trust us, this will be your favorite purchase of the winter!

Casual and impromptu work best here. Style your scarf as a classic wrap, double loop or braided knot, adopt a sophisticated wrap, or stick to the simplicity of the never-ending infinity shape.

Layer with ever-deepening shades of the same colour, contrast light and dark, or try white or cream with pastels. Let your scarf cosy up to a kimono, or introduce it to leather pants. Wear with heels to balance the look, and pull on a beanie, or top a really large scarf with a fedora. Achieve boho-chic with a huge knit around your shoulders, and finish with ripped jeans.

Alpaca wool is also completely hypoallergenic so you'll never feel itchy or irritated by this incredible fabric and it's natural resistance to dirt, liquids, and moths which will keep it in great shape for years!

The base of our garments are materials. High-quality materials that are produced and processed in a sustainable matter; materials that feel as soft as your skin or as a flower petal.
We are inspired by the world around us and therefore don't want to harm it. This planet needs more love and nurture. Like we love and nurture our loved ones.

► 180 x 60cm
► 89% Alpaca 11% Polyamide
► Hand Wash Cold, Lay Flat to Dry
► Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop