Golden Tchatchat mini hoop earrings - Ombre Claire



Jewels to keep close to you, like the song of the ancestors. Let yourself be carried away to the rhythm of the Tuareg engravings .

At the head of Ombre Claire, two committed designers : Axelle and Aude.
Between Paris and North Africa, these adventurous designers meet Tuareg craftsmen , who master the work of chiseled metal with ancestral know-how. They imagine and draw their creations in the heart of Paris, at the bend of a street, a bike ride, always guided by the notion of an elsewhere in motion. It is in the heart of the Sahara that the magic then operates: craftsmen shape these unique jewels with their hands . Recycled solid silver, bronze, ebony… materials designed to last, and jewelry designed to be passed on.

Their ethical and responsible creations are available in mixed lines, they mix styles and desires, with travel as a starting point. Jewels that create the link, to please those you love, or yourself, but above all that tell stories.

At Misericordia, we instinctively felt the parallel: durable and desirable materials, reasoned work that respects people and resources, and objects that we appropriate for their values ​​and their emotional significance.

► Bronze gilded with 24 carat fine gold