Silver Bro Lion Clip Brooch - Clap Paris



Make way for the king! You too become queen for a moment. Proudly wearing this brooch will affirm your character in a society in upheaval.

Bring an offbeat, fashionable twist to a work jacket. Giving a second life to a garment you've gotten a little tired of. Stand out and assert your personality with a subversive accessory... So many ideas that make up the universe of Clap Paris.

To clip everywhere : the pocket of your dungarees, the buttonhole of a blouse, your banana bag, your Breton miki... you will have understood it, no limit! The motto of Clap Paris: "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

This clap is in silver zamac metal . Zamak has the particularity of being light and resistant without oxidizing over time. Thus, your clapperboard will remain brilliant as the first day.

Nickel-free guarantee!