Trenza Chico Beanie Beige

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Originally, the beanie was the blue-collar working hat , worn by workers like welders or mechanics who needed to keep their hair back, but for whom a visor would be an unnecessary obstacle.

Some historians believe that school children began to wear hats to emulate their working-class fathers. The baseball cap evolved from this type of beanie, with the addition of a visor to block the sun.

Keep the cold at bay with this Misericordia beanie.

Here is our medium size beanie with a nice braided pattern on the front, ideal for men and women, in 100% wool, known for its thermal qualities.

This soft and original hat was knitted in Peru by our artisans . Obtained from a thick yarn, this accessory will keep you warm during the autumn and winter months thanks to the wool yarn of which it is made.

Today, there is a desire to go back to basics and therefore to small-scale production, as well as thoughtful and controlled consumption.

Resist the mantra of speed that leads to perdition. Resist at all costs the illusion of novelty. As we do at Misericordia, many young designers are spreading this message. Often they abandon traditional fashion calendars and create timeless pieces that are built to last.

Our creations are made to be used and loved. They are fashionable, functional and meant to be enjoyed every day!

► Braided Knitted Beanie
► 100% wool
► Measures 22cm long laid flat
► Handcrafted in Peru at the Misericordia workshop