Developing the cultural and technical richness of embroidery but also opening up this age-old practice to new horizons, such is the vocation of the Misericordia craft house today.
From time immemorial, embroidery has aroused creativity and woven privileged relationships with art . Today, a return to artisanal production and the notion of time is a guarantee of authenticity for Misericordia.

Embroidery, like Street Art , has established itself as an art in its own right. The secret of this metamorphosis? Artists have been able to invent modern motifs. Faithful to this intention, the Misericordia house offers quality embroidered pieces, made with meaning and heart .

By adapting an ancestral art to today's codes, Misericordia has achieved a transgenerational alchemy. The designs, the materials, the threads used are all elements that converge towards a contemporary story.

Because it's the little details that make the difference, each embroidery is made with passion and spirit. At Misericordia we combine personality, creativity and sustainability .
In a perpetual quest for excellence, each model is as unique as you!

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