young blond man standing with a red alpaca scarf made in peru

The scarf is one of the essentials of the global wardrobe and its history dates back to ancient Egypt. Its longevity is probably explained by its versatility and unique expressive qualities. It is an elegant fashion accessory that offers many possibilities to transform your outfit . From casual-chic to elegant and sophisticated, the possibilities are endless, to add a new dimension to your look.

burgundy red alpaca wool scarf for men softness cold winter in the hands of a man

At Misericordia, we believe that inspired design can change everything .

This scarf is knitted with a soft curly Alpaca yarn . This yarn has been washed but not treated with chemicals before being dyed, to bring out the best qualities of the alpaca and soften its shape and texture. A two-ply blend, the core of this yarn is a blend of alpaca and polyamide for strength, surrounded by a combination of loops to create a fantastic effect and wonderful softness. This sumptuous and comforting yarn adds a warm and cozy feel to our range of scarves.

young model looking to the side wearing a beige luxury quality pad made of ethical and sustainable alpaca

You can combine this scarf with your outfits in similar tones, or contrast light and dark. Play with the contrast of materials . Wear it with heels to balance the look , and pair it with one of your favorite hats, or a fedora. Complete your boho-chic look with this wrap around the shoulders and jeans.

Alpaca wool is also completely hypoallergenic , so you'll never feel itchy.

responsible fashion warm scarf between paris france and lima peru

We use high quality materials that are processed and produced by hand , in a sustainable way .

We are inspired by the world around us.

beautiful soft scarf for men and women high quality wool

Your outfit is not the simple reflection of a quest for aesthetics , it is also a way of expressing yourself. It's about transmitting a message through your clothes. You will find the piece that suits you the most in our collections. Feel unique every day, for every occasion.

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The embodiment of comfort ! This oversized scarf, knitted in Peru from the best alpaca yarns, is a classic , it can be worn long and layered over a coat or wrapped several times around the neck to crisscross the streets in cool weather and feel warm. Trust us, this will be your favorite winter purchase!

oversized scarf in cream beige ecru wool soft alpaca man cold season

We are committed to creating innovative and thoughtful accessories that enhance your current relationship to the clothes you wear.

beige scarf the softness of alpaca at your fingertips in paris lima ethical eco-responsible fashion future