The scarf appeared in the middle of the 18th century, straight from the Provençal word "foulé" which means "light fabric". He quickly integrated into our society and knew how to evolve with the times and fashions. Today present in several forms, Misericordia presents its model in Modal .
soft scarf for women elegant fashion timeless
Made from a soft modal , this material is a fiber of natural origin obtained by spinning wood cellulose fibers. Thanks to its quick drying performance it is an ideal material for accessories. An excellent alternative to cotton, this innovative fabric offers an eco-responsible solution to textile production, as it requires less water.
scarf and woman on a colored background on a flowery background mimosa and flowers
scarf in the woman's hands on the wrist or around the neck

Generously length that can be wrapped around the neck or draped over the shoulders for a casual yet elegant attitude .

soft shawls in soft cotton modal for everyday wear easy to carry and wear

Presented in different colors and patterns , it will accompany you on a daily basis and will awaken the good mood that is in you. Light and easy to transport, you will always find your Modal at hand.

hold in your hand a soft modal scarf for everyday use light and practical durable material
a fashionable and trendy modern outfit or outfit with a soft cotton modal scarf
distant soft gaze in a world in upheaval where fashion must change thanks to new products like this modal scarf