Discover Lima, full of hope and energy, our infinite source of inspiration... Cradled by the lights of the city, it was there that our designer, Aurelyen, decided to launch the Misericordia adventure in 2002 , and to open her sewing workshop in Lima, to offer unique creations!

low angle shot of a palm tree in peru in front of a misericordia blue sky summer lima latin america
Desert dunes and wheel tracks visible on the sand sunny weather in peru
Mountains by the ocean and housing in the background
slum wall with tag vamos peru written in red on a brick wall
landscape peru desert dunes sand
Slums and tag inscribed on a green wall sells itself cerveza gasio
wooden boats floating on the water foggy weather and downtown in the background
Bird flying and overlooked by the sunset
cactus overlooked by the blue sky peru
Tag skull with a saber and its scabbard drawn at the bottom of its skull tagged on a white wall