Slow fashion consists of slowing down this frenetic pace with thoughtful and controlled consumption. A return to basics which therefore gives rise to a production on a smaller scale, with better quality raw materials .

Slow fashion is also giving a chance to local know-how in creation, for clothes that have value and a real story!

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Woman in a field, her face hidden by the tall grass Navy blue shirt with white polka dots in flannel quality materials responsible production

To live in the most beautiful way means to appreciate the humanity, the creativity, and the positivity that hides in each of us. Our values ​​include social responsibility, excellence, inclusion, integrity, learning, authenticity, and of course, love .

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Free the mind, open up to the world...

Our philosophy goes beyond the very idea of ​​clothing: ethical awareness in each of our creations, a project on a human scale that limits intermediaries, a strong message that does good through beauty.

Woman in nature in the sun shadow on the face black sweatshirt with blue whales pattern original creations trendy and eco-designed fashion
We are inspired by the textures and nuances of nature , and it is to better protect it that we constantly seek to improve our production methods. We are working in this industry to make the basic wage principle a concrete reality for garment workers .
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Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Alongside Misericordia, choose clothes made in small quantities , to do good for your wardrobe and our planet.

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Sustainable development is an integral part of all the cogs. We create an environment open to everyone's ideas, where everyone can flourish and develop.

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 We are a Peruvian brand, committed to responsible, honest and modern activity . It's about being ethical , sustainable and involved in every step, from the factory to your own doorstep.
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