Revolutions are always a source of change . Since man has existed, battles have taken place, for well-being, solidarity and now the planet. The society in which we live constantly invites us to question ourselves . Overconsumption, inequalities and climatic disturbances are the consequences of a civilization dominated by consumerist ideology.

To meet the new expectations of consumers, Misericordia seeks to produce at a slower pace, with a specific sensitivity that invites questioning .

man and woman love black clothing modern and responsible fashion cold winter collection

The non-conformism of the collections will allow you to stand out, thanks to unique pieces made in our workshop in Lima , Peru.
Misericordia's vision is to create pieces that exude timeless elegance . The brand wants to be intransigent and detached from trends.

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Awareness and questioning of our way of life pushes us to consume less but better . Favoring quality over quantity at a fair price makes it possible to offer products that will have a longer lifespan. Thus, Misericordia pieces will follow you for a long time, always in this idea of ​​reducing the ecological footprint . The future is not built alone but together.

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The strength of the group has always been a major element of social uprisings, for this Misericordia campaign we have sought to show the power and violence in which the world currently finds itself.

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In an almost chaotic present and an uncertain future, the sweetness of sharing and cohesion are a major motivation for the Misericordia teams. For this, we proudly display the symbol of the house "Hands, Spirit and Heart", which reflects the thought of Misericordia: "Trabajamos Juntos Con Manos, Espiritu y Corazon" which literally means that we work together, with our hands, our spirit and our heart.

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Shaken by an unprecedented health crisis, today we sign a collection based on modern essentials . Thus, the creations display strong colors such as cobalt blue , referring to the unlimited power of electricity or even black recalling the infinity of the various battles that remain to be fought.

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