Because it's the little details that make the difference, each embroidery is made with heart and spirit at Misericordia. We combine personality, creativity and sustainability . Discover our collection of Spring-Summer 2022 jackets, blousons and sweatshirts with well-designed cuts and strong embroidery to accompany your looks. We use embroidery and other craft techniques to tell powerful and disturbing stories about our igniting world and energy.

Fire embroidery men's sweatshirt with large flames black bola de fuego misericordia lima peru dark fireball round neck embroidery male fit

► Macarron Bola de Fuego Sweatshirt Black

women's jacket fire embroidery with large flames bola fuego misericordia lima peru antonia ball of fire feminine cut elegance embroidery femininity jacket

► Antonia Bola de Fuego Navy Blue Jacket

man wearing jacket paraguas bola fuego black fireball misericordia lima peru sports jacket bomber jacket male cut big flames embroidery

► Paraguas Bola de Fuego Sports Jacket Black

Global warming is a global phenomenon of climate change that permanently modifies ecosystems. It is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and has become the most important issue for the next few years. Time is running out but there is still time to act. Power both natural and supernatural, object of many cults, fire is the symbol of vital energy which reveals the deepest secrets of creation. This fireball embroidery highlights an explosion of creativity and a burning desire for change at all levels.

man wearing overshirt fontanero bola fuego black misericordia fireball lima peru male cut large flames embroidery

► Fontanero Bola de Fuego Overshirt Black

woman wearing antonia explosion jacket navy blue misericordia lima peru feminine explosion embroidery bomber jacket elegance femininity classic cut

► Antonia Bola de Fuego Navy Blue Jacket

man wearing navy blue jacket over navy blue explosion macarron sweatshirt misericordia lima peru explosive embroidery colorful masculine cut elegant round neckmacarron explosion navy blue men's sweatshirt misericordia lima perou round neck embroidery on the front explosive colorful masculine cut comfortable elegant

► Navy Blue Explosion Macarron Sweatshirt

Overshirt fontanero explosion blue close up man misericordia lima peru hand embroidery

► Sapphire Blue Fontanero Explosion Overshirt