Misericordia invites you to discover its selection of committed independent designers !

bracelet gilded with fine gold with adjustable clasp adorned with rhinestones misericordia independent designer bdm studio

► Parisian Bracelet - BDM Studio

BDM jewels are fine and precious , gilded with fine gold, adorned with rhinestones, semi-precious stones. Timeless, BDM Studio seeks a new lover of high-end jewellery. A singular design on edge!

Arizona Large Earrings - Bdm Studio gilded with fine gold independent designer Misericordia

► Arizona Large Earrings - Bdm Studio

9 turns ring, hand hammered and gold plated bdm studio independent designer misericordia

► Grand Orient ring - Bdm studio

Large cuff gilded with fine gold one size adjustable independent designer bdm studio misericordia

► Large Orient Cuff - Bdm Studio

Monshiro, Japanese art in all its splendor

Fuji Earrings and Clip-on Earrings Japanese Designer Monshiro Misericordia Gold Jewelry

► Fuji Earrings and Clips - Monshiro

Monshiro jewelry, by designer Satomi Sekiya, offers a typically Japanese delicate sensibility: the different seasons and nature are the engines of this inspiration.

Lily Ear Clips Japanese Designer Monshiro Misericordia Golden Jewelry

► Lily Ear Clips - Monshiro

Most of the materials used are pieces that have remained under cover for several decades and have never been used, making their jewelry very precious accessories.

Suzuran Earrings Japanese Designer Monshiro Golden Jewelry Misericordia

► Suzuran Earrings - Monshiro

The collection is made with know-how from Japanese craft techniques, thus sublimating their creations.

Ginkgo Ear Clip Japanese Designer Monshiro Golden Jewelry Misericordia

► Ginkgo Ear Clip - Monshiro