The workers of Misericordia are responsible for their workshop located within the heart of the underprivileged districts. They have the responsibility to ensure production delays, the purchase of the raw materials, the quality, and the daily operations of the workshop. By giving each team member sense of responsibility, the whole group gets day after day a little more conscious that Misericordia's destiny is among their own hands. It is essential to give responsibilities and to make every one being aware of the stakes of its work and our common project.


 Essayage des pièces par Aurelyen atelier à Lima

Atelier de Confection au Pérou à Lima

Futur dessin pour la sérigraphie des t-shirt Misericordia

Choix des tissus de bonne qualité au Pérou

Dessin d'un polo par Aurelyen pour la future collection de Misericordia

Atelier de confection à Lima au Pérou

Notre Atelier de couture à Lima au Pérou

Aurelyen le designer de Misericordia