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ear path with chain april please gold plated 3 microns, 18 carats

► Gold Stud and Chain Earring Louis

April Please is one of those brands with a "brand that stands out and gets noticed".

april please open rings 3 micron 18 carat gold plated set with a swarovski crystal

► Jules Nude Swarovski Crystal Open Ring

The April Please jewel is unique both in its essence and in its expression: it is the creativity of each that will make it unique.
Because the brand creates surprise by reinventing the way to wear jewelry . The curls are mismatched, the chains break and are worn as a chocker or in length, raw or combined with a rush, around the neck or in the ears...

april please ear cuff 3 microns 18 carat gold plated

► Marceau Golden Open Ring Earring

The April Please imprint is to leave room for the imagination to find its own combination, to put its mark on its look, to scratch it!

Haiku, an instinctive and free jewelry brand

Make you discover the beautiful stories of talented entrepreneurs who imagine and create their own brand, their collections. This is Misericordia's goal with its selection of designers.

haiku spiral earrings 3 micron gold plating

► 3 micron gold plating kido earrings

A haiku is a short Japanese poem. Written instinctively, it captures the beauty of the present moment in three lines, paying particular attention to the simple things in life. Paying attention to details, to small imperfections , is what punctuates HAIKU creations.

unisex haiku earring brass covered with 10 micron silver plating

► 10 micron silver plated hyoushou earring

HAIKU jewelry is imagined and then entirely handcrafted in the workshop of its creators, using traditional techniques. The gesture of the craftsman, both mastered but also imperfect, makes each piece unique, just as the time given to each object gives it value and soul.

Don't wait any longer, go for it!

haiku earrings gold plating 3 microns creative fine chain ► Rooma earrings gold plating 3 microns