Misericordia is a lifestyle brand, proud of its provocative, modern and sensual nature. The brand offers a minimal aesthetic, skillfully combining unstructured lines with iconic and must-have pieces. Known for its chic, sporty and laid-back influences, Misericordia is an elegantly subversive independent brand.

Agatha Long Navy Blue Printed Dress

With a structured shape and clean lines, this dress offers a minimalist effect for a look that remains sophisticated . The Agatha dress strikes that easy balance between a classic cut and a modern design .

Long, loose dress with a delicious jungle motif on a black background. This tropical representation is there to remind us of the importance of these places which are vital to us. True lungs of the earth, these large expanses are reservoirs of biodiversity . However, today they are threatened by global warming, gold panning and deforestation. The many fires that tear these forests apart should make us aware of their importance. Through this creation, Misericordia offers us a tribute to the jungle and its creatures.

Woman wearing a long-sleeved navy and white floral print dress exotic forest fair fashion trendy shopping

Dress Acacia Puntos Navy Blue

The Acacia Puntos dress strikes an easy balance between a classic fit and a modern design. This polka dot dress is the trend of the season . It will settle as a matter of course in our dressing room. The Acacia Puntos dress is the quintessential retro and glamorous spirit.

Originating in Wales in the 18th century, flannel is a warm fabric which was used for kilts, for its soft, wrinkle-resistant feel, its felted and soft feel.

We appreciate it today because it comes easily in modern colors and graphic patterns in tune with the times.

Woman dancing with a flannel midi dress long sleeves belted at the waist navy with white polka dots winter trend casual collection Parisian style

Ecru Pretendida cardigan with zip in Alpaca

Originally a men's item of clothing, the cardigan made its way into women's wardrobes in the late 80s. tennis. When women started to work and play sports, these knitwear became indispensable.

As early as 1913, the famous Coco Chanel sported a long-sleeved sweater on a beach in Normandy, she is then recognized for the introduction of the cardigan, like many other knitwear, in the female wardrobe. By the 1920s, cardigans were ubiquitous among both sexes, the ultimate possession of nearly every woman and every man . They featured prominently in the showrooms of couturiers like Patou and Chanel.

This cardigan has beautiful details , in keeping with the simplicity it exudes. In addition to being durable, alpaca wool is an excellent insulator . Its elastic fibers stretch to adapt perfectly to your curves. Because it contains no lanolin, alpaca is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. It naturally repels water and has anti-bacterial properties, so your knitwear stays cleaner longer.

It will be your ideal companion for this winter.

Female model poses in front of the camera feminine ecru cardigan with zip in alpaca wool knit quality luxurious production sustainable clothing

Navy Printed Manta Shirt

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. At Misericordia, our reasoned and committed approach concerns our means of production, but also the messages we want to convey.

Let yourself be seduced by this print with exotic accents: from palm trees to lianas, from trees to wild animals... a disordered pattern, which takes us back to the fragile balance of forests, the last lungs of our planet. A material with an irresistible touch. Viscose has been considered a sustainable alternative to silk for years. Made from vegetable cellulose, it offers a breathable, comfortable and easy-care fabric .

A feminine and elegant cut, thanks in particular to its slightly asymmetrical button placket, and its small buttoned stand-up collar, an ode to the delicacy of the clothes of yesteryear. Made with care in our workshop, this shirt aims to sublimate the person who wears it.

Pretty young woman in Parisian style in a long-sleeved navy blue shirt printed with flowers and exotic forest plants Sustainable wardrobe

Dress Cascada Hojas de Palma Navy Blue

Misericordia pays homage to fauna and flora through this dress with a palm leaf motif. This dress deliciously light and comfortable to wear adjusts at the waist with its sliding belt. This pattern will revitalize you and refresh your adventurous spirit. Full of good vibes to start a great day at work or to go out with friends!

Our mission is to offer you an unlimited creative way to express yourself . We believe that printed clothing is one of the many ways to convey your attitude! Misericordia models offer everyone the opportunity to manifest his passions, his personality and his identity .

Woman taking a break in a midi-length navy blue dress with a tropical-inspired viscose pink palm tree print, committed collection close to nature

Alba Puntos Shirt Navy Blue

Flannel resurfaced with rage in the early 90s through the grunge music scene. Originally used for the American working class shirts of the 1950s, it has become a symbol of anti-conformism. Today, flannel has evolved into haute couture.

This classic fabric is reborn in a cyclical way: from its beginnings reserved for the builders of the railways, to the banner of a movement of musical and cultural protest, give it its new identity !

You can wear this Misericordia shirt with all kinds of pants, for an air working girl , chic Or even sportswear with a pair of sneakers. It can also be worn on Saturday evening if you don't feel like wearing a short dress. This shirt is like a little black dress, a basic , especially with this navy blue color.

It's a room versatile , easy And refined for your wardrobe, you won't be able to do without it!

Young woman with deep eyes, wears a navy long sleeves buttoned shirt with white polka dots, modern classic fashion for the office and weekend

Dress Marbella Flamigera Light Blue

You will love this midi dress ! The Marbella dress opts for a contemporary cut, an above-the-knee length, for an easy wear and a casual chic look . This ultra-feminine and practical dress is distinguished by its light corolla cut, and by the originality of its fine stripes. Designed in high-end cotton, its material as well as its slightly loose fit, make it perfect for a casual look !

All Misericordia clothes have been designed and produced so that everyone feels comfortable in their clothes, with freedom of movement . From the quality of the yarns to the finished product, each step is rigorously controlled. A dress of elegant simplicity to accompany you throughout the year

Female mannequin takes a break in light blue shirt dress midi long sleeves contemporary style current trends
Woman intense gaze in light blue shirt dress midi length long sleeves quality clothing Peruvian know-how

Medallon Insurreccion Popular T-shirt White

Popular insurrection : popular uprising

The theory that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer is proving increasingly true, especially in today's global environment. Extreme or absolute poverty, experienced by those whose income is barely enough to survive, remains widespread.

Throughout history, social movements have brought about great changes. Note for example women's suffrage and civil rights in the United States, the independence of India, the color revolutions in Eastern Europe or even the Arab Spring … So many events that are based on the union of the powerless against the powerful .

In these movements, protest played an important role, highlighting the ability of ordinary citizens to voice their disapproval through insurrection. Today more than ever, this type of activism is crucial for bringing about change .

Misericordia | Ethical Fashion & Fair Trade - Our mission? Helping you find clothes that match your style and values.

Pretty young woman engaged with white t-shirt screen-printed multicolored slogan claim rebellion contemporary struggle

Black Pretendida cardigan with zip in Alpaca

Young woman pensive look in black long-sleeved cardigan with zip in alpaca round neck quality fiber eco-responsible luxury knitting

Gacela V-neck Navy blue sweater in bouclé alpaca

Beautiful navy blue alpaca sweater, V-neck, long and loose fit.

It's the must of the new season: the alpaca sweater is now the ideal companion for any wardrobe, whether chic or casual.

A quality knit, associated with French chic, what better way to sublimate the cold days? The choice of fibers is first and foremost essential for making a beautiful sweater, and now, a quality knit can also rhyme with "ethical brand" .

So what are the good reasons to invest in an alpaca sweater? Alpaca fiber is a high-end natural fiber , its main qualities are softness, lightness, resistance and above all a recognized thermal insulating power.

Young woman in a navy blue long-sleeved V-neck sweater in quality wool alpaca, cozy warmth and softness for winter

Angela Flamigera Light Blue Shirt

There are few items that can truly be considered a wardrobe essential or a must-have for every woman. A cotton shirt large and of good quality is one of those items.

With the ability to wear smoothly from season to season, with the versatility of work trousers or simple jeans, this cotton shirt is a true basic essential. Elegant and feminine , it is light and practical for any occasion.

All Misericordia clothes have been designed and produced so that everyone feels comfortable and free to move. From the quality of the yarns to the finished product, each step is rigorously controlled.

Woman dancing oversized long sleeve button down shirt Angela Flamigera Light Blue modern fit fashion contemporary style

Shirt Beatriz Rayas de Color White

Our shirt remains a favorite through the seasons. This long-sleeved blouse with a small collar is incredibly sweetness, deliciously light .

Because the details matter: the fabric of this blouse is sparse with small touches of color synonymous with joy, cheerfulness and renewal. They bring dynamism to the fabric and contrast with the sobriety of the cut.

Its Pima cotton as long as its loose cut , make it perfect for a casual look. A top of a elegant simplicity to accompany you throughout the year. By paying particular attention to the excellence of the materials, by entrusting the production of the models to our workshop in Peru, with their know-how, we wish to offer you the best quality at the fairest price.

Woman model stares at the lens white shirt long sleeves buttoned and bow at the waist modern fit casual collection urban style

Amiga Jacket Black

Once proudly worn by US Air Force pilots in the 1950s, the bomber jacket is an indispensable element of the urban wardrobe today .

The minimalist and modern style of this jacket is accentuated by its satin finish. This Bomber jacket with a design inspired by university uniforms is part of Misericordia's desire to offer current and well-designed outerwear, managing to stand out with a real urban style. There's nothing better than this bomber jacket. Thanks to its loose fit, it layers comfortably over sweaters and hoodies .

There are few jackets that embody both a cool and modern retro style. The bomber jacket can be worn in multiple weather situations. It has proven itself as a timeless, robust and durable classic.

Young Parisian in a sports jacket teddy-inspired satin bomber jacket with gold embroidery on the chest androgynous look

Dark Red Velvet Barbara Jacket

Sober and chic , this suit type jacket stands out with its velvet texture and its short cut reaching above the waist. For a femme fatale look in the evening or more casual during a meal with friends, this jacket will go easily with simple and sober fabrics. Velvet is a fabric made using a particular weaving process that achieves a velvety appearance .

The objective of the Misericordia brand is to develop perfectly cut products with an irreproachable finish and a quality that lasts over time.

Woman posing in burgundy red cropped coat style deep color corduroy suit jacket timeless style Emocion Rosa Dark Red Shirt

The most famous flower, the red rose carries a message of love : it is the symbol of intense passion. The characteristics of the rose are a metaphor: ephemeral and fragile, it awakens the senses and reveals the precious moment.

Mi cuerpo no quiere tu opinión ”: “My body does not want your opinion”; you can read this strong message from feminist activists on the back accompanied by its magnificent embroidery.

Graphic embroideries are vibrations, a form of communication. Ours are irreverent, with a real authentic message . Funny, obscure, retro or rebellious - our graphics pack a punch. Misericordia shows us all its power with this new embroidery, symbol of today's woman in all her sensuality, a provocative and free woman.

Young independent woman in dark red long-sleeved satin shirt with golden yellow embroidery on the front mouth and pink flower on the back feminist message
Embroidery detail woman's mouth and rose sensuality feminist slogan freedom of the body committed fashion

Jacket Mistico Rosa Navy Blue

These Misericordia bombers are made of a very beautiful material with a slight shine. These pockets are practical and emphasize the overall comfort of the room.

Young optimistic woman with a zippered jacket in navy blue satin polyester with red sleeves and sports side bands embroidery logo know-how Peruvian workshop
Back detail blue women's jacket embroidery red mouth and rose flower red sleeves feminist struggle body emancipation

Shirt Emocion Rosa Navy Blue

Young elegant woman in navy blue long-sleeved satin shirt yellow embroidery in the front pink mouth in the back and front pockets durable wardrobe for every day

Woman from the back with elegant navy blue long-sleeved satin shirt with worked embroidery red mouth kissing a rose hidden message symbol Macarron Rosa Sweatshirt Black

Like the rose, each woman is unique and has her own beauty, her own perfection. Every woman lives her femininity, sexuality as she wishes, a strong and independent contemporary.

Woman in profile wearing a black round neck sweatshirt with quality embroidery on the front mouth kissing a rose quirky message slogan feminism
Female model wearing a bright purple round neck sweatshirt quality embroidery on the front mouth kissing a rose quirky message feminist slogan