Discover our favorite selection for this winter.

Our Chalet alpaca sweaters

Chalet sweater in textured knit with round neck in alpaca, thick and warm knit

For those days when you opt for comfort and style , this crew neck sweater is just what you need. A sculptural knit that will immediately protect you from the cold in a casual style : this piece is one of our favorites!

This velvety blend of alpaca wool is the result of a knitting experience with unique Peruvian know-how, and will immediately find its place in your winter wardrobe. This knit is warm and comfortable. The touch is incomparable thanks to its airy and soft structure. Softness for the cold warrior in you.

Alpaca wool comes from an animal from the highlands of South America. Its soft coat offers it perfect protection against the extreme temperatures of the Andes mountains.

Its fiber is recognized for exceptional thermal insulation , crease resistance, low pilling , and high water absorption, for remarkable softness. At Misericordia, we create timeless pieces for quality-seeking women who seek perfection without compromise. Combining tradition, culture and modernity, each room has a relaxed and contemporary style. We create for you a luxurious and durable product .

A must-have for your winter.

Female mannequin wearing a light gray sweater in textured knit round neck in alpaca knit thick and warm winter dressing trend and quality
Young man with three day beard wearing light gray chunky knit crew neck sweater made of warm and soft alpaca wool for the season
Young woman looking aside in lagoon blue knit sweater in thick textured crew neck in alpaca knit unique know-how ethical Peruvian tailoring
Male mannequin taking a break in a blue lagoon alpaca wool sweater thick knit round neck casual male wardrobe for the city or going on weekends
Woman staring at the lens wears a navy blue textured knit crewneck sweater in alpaca knit thick and warm essential winter wardrobe trend style and ethical conscience
Man looking down on the ground navy blue sweater in textured knit round neck in alpaca knit thick and warm to go to work masculine trend timeless basics of quality
Shy man hiding his eyes in beige sweater in textured knit round neck alpaca wool thick and warm knit to go to work men's trend timeless quality basics

Our Virgilia and Virgilio jackets

Velor jackets with loose proportions and chest pockets

A sharp and modern style with this oversized corduroy jacket , a unique piece for your wardrobe.

It will give you a unique contemporary elegance with its so-called oversize cut.

The high resistance of its fabric ensures very good protection in all uses. Versatile, this piece will accompany you on a daily basis and will last over time.

Bring your new winter wardrobe to life with our latest Misericordia coats and jackets!

Young woman dancing with a short oversized jacket in emerald green buttoned velvet, diverted utilitarian inspiration for a unique Parisian style this winter

Young woman stares at camera in Klein blue Virgilia jacket front pockets loose velvet warm quality fabricBearded young man with blue eyes in blue Virgilio jacket two patch pockets on the front velvet warm and comfortable urban modern streetwear

Our Cristobal work jackets

Cristobal blue work jacket buttoned in cotton and patch pockets

Overalls designates the uniform of French workers at the end of the 19th century.

In jumpsuit, dungarees or jacket version, this emblematic factory garment can now be worn every day, in the office and on weekends. The blue work jacket is now a basic in both men's and women's wardrobes .

A clean, straight, simple, minimalist cut. It is the whole spirit of the work jacket that we are rethinking at Misericordia.

An ideal piece to mix with a plain t-shirt in summer, under a coat in winter, or even worn over a shirt. A versatile garment that makes it a must in every wardrobe.

Man with green eyes wearing a buttoned red work blue jacket in thick quality cotton, resistant and solid, vintage inspiration

Interior detail red cotton work overalls jacket buttoned white screen-printed design old school tattoo style
Young woman in a red blue cotton work jacket buttoned in authentic Parisian style, iconic pieces trendy shopping
Indigo blue jacket collar detail buttoned work overalls in cotton twill quality fabric know-how timeless clothing
Young city man in black cotton buttoned blue work jacket with three pockets on the front modern style reasonable fashion favorite purchases

Our two-tone Ignacio jackets

Navy blue and red cotton Ignacio jacket

Our cotton twill work jacket is characterized by bright colors.

Misericordia dares to mix styles, between workwear and fashion. This classic work jacket is a bold and stylish piece , perfect for the workshop, the streets, the job or just playtime.

A unique piece for your wardrobe, which guarantees a relaxed and elegant silhouette thanks to its classic cut.

Young man with intense eyes in navy blue and red work jacket in two-tone color block cotton, trendy and casual urban style, quality piece, unique style

Ignacio work blue beige and navy cotton jacket

This take on the traditional French work jacket blends effortlessly into the edgier fashion landscape , while maintaining its age-old style.
It's a durable piece of clothing that will withstand rapid fashion cycles and be embraced by discerning, style-conscious individuals.

Bearded man with green eyes wears a beige and navy blue utility work jacket in cotton twill, quality material, responsible tailoring, social commitment and creative style