Latin America is our land of inspiration, our roots . The mission we have given ourselves is to share its richness, complexity and beauty with you! Misericordia's story begins with a trip to Peru, its founder literally falls under the spell of the country and decides to settle down there. He surrounds himself with a team of designers and decides to carry out a project that is close to his heart: to create a high-end clothing brand combining artistic creations and social commitment.

Peru flag photographed downwind under gray skies
photograph of a mountain on which there are several slums lima peru
Puppy lying on the ground photographed in peru
Shed on the beach photographed with palm trees and houses visible in the background as well as the mountains in Peru
Photography of slums in peru on a mountain
Broken blue motorcycle photographed and abandoned on the sand are the front wheel is detached
Large mountain photographed with slum dwellings in the foreground
Wooden boat held by sticks and bags photographed in front of slums
Blue sign on which is written salida hung on a palm tree and in the background of the houses
photograph of three dogs lying on the ground under the sun, one of which is asleep