Live the adventure in Peru, a country of traditions, a modern country, a unique country . Where Misericordia was born, where our creations draw their inspiration from the multidisciplinarity of this magnificent country. Let yourself be carried away by these magnificent photographs that will probably make you want to travel, explore Lima with your backpack and cross these countless mountains!

Palm tree photographed bottom view under blue sky
Wooden boat held by sticks and bags photographed in front of slums
Lima landscape panoramic view of the capital of peru under a sunrise
Beach in peru atlantic ocean with birds walking around and two small stone mountains in the background
Photograph taken in the slums with birds flying through the air photographed
Slums in the mountains with lima the capital of peru in the distance
Old red car with a yellow sign saying sells
Port of lima with a multitude of boats on the water and mountains visible in the background
Photograph type panoramic view of lima the capital of peru at dawn
Atlantic ocean in peru with on the left rocks by the ocean