Misericordia seeks to stand out from the present moment , to offer something positive, to build another way of being together. A " street-chic " wardrobe, with skilfully designed volumes to suit everyone. Our clothes are not designed to burn, but to live comfortably, in harmony with oneself and what one decides to reflect. The pieces are worked with attention to detail , right down to the linings and pockets. Every finish, every button, every pleat has a purpose.

men's canvas trousers slim fit practical to wear on a daily basis smart

At Misericordia, pants occupy an important place in our creative project. Our models have for singularity the excellence of the materials and the cuts . They come in shades, materials, and looks, to pair with a superb Alpaca knit or a utility overshirt. Rigorously selected for their quality, the fabrics used ensure comfort and sophistication day by day.

khaki chinos for men everyday wear to wear with sneakers and sweatshirts

This season, Misericordia also offers a selection of revisited jeans. Flagship article, fruit of the collaboration between the American tailor Jacob Davis and the German businessman Levi Strauss, the jeans were born in 1873. Patented in the process, the manufacture of jeans obeys very strict and unchanged rules since its creation.

jeans slacks on man with leg on music stool wearing sneakers

The different shades we offer can match your trendiest looks. Stand out from the monotony!

brown panton for men walking in a photo studio in paris

Crafted in sturdy cotton canvas and featuring a functional fit, chinos have great similarities to jeans. Workwear or casual , it is easy to wear in all situations. No matter the season, your style or your age, there will always be pants for you.

bottom of electric blue pants for men on a black background in the sun photo studio or outdoors

For this collection, Misericordia has also imagined an offer of shorts , easy to wear in the city or on weekends, for practical and modern summer essentials .

misericordia men's shorts ideal for summer when it's hot to go for a walk or to the beach

The universe of Misericordia is a project on a human scale , an exchange of energies that takes place between individuals, common desires and a concrete vision of what tomorrow's fashion can be. We are proud of our values, do not hesitate to discuss them with us.