For Misericordia, fashion is not just about clothes that only last one season, the pieces are timeless with details made to last. The brand draws its inspiration from Peru and presents collections rich in colors and prints. In order to guarantee ethical and transparent manufacturing , Misericordia manufactures all of its collections in Peru.
White t-shirt tiger surfing the raging sea blue background

► White tiger querido surf t-shirt printed in cotton, fitted cut

Party Night Light Disco Ball Embroidered Jacket

► Paraguas bola disco sapphire blue polyester bomber jacket with disco ball embroidery on the back

The brand regularly visits its designers and its workshop and thus ensures the quality of its products and proper compliance with working conditions (fair wages, reasonable working hours and a healthy and secure environment).
navy blue printed white t-shirt marineros red work jacket electric blue trousers

► Querido marinero white t-shirt with sailor print in cotton

navy blue satin sports jacket embroidery handmade craft chic jellyfish electric blue trousers

► Paraguas medusas navy blue bomber jacket with jellyfish embroidery on the back and front

Our ready-to-wear collections are avant-garde and surprise every season. Misericordia embodies true fashion.