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Here, discover the concept of Bonanza Paris : ostentatious jewelry synonymous with an assumed femininity.
bonanza paris earrings gilded with 24-carat fine gold
Born in the 90s, the designer is inspired by the primitive symbols and messages of jewelry to better free herself from them. Determined to highlight the body and sublimate the skin , follower of vintage and turned towards the future, Bonanza Paris is part of the present, honoring the past, shaping its idea of ​​modernity.
bonanza paris hoop earrings original brass gilded with fine gold 24 carats
“Our jewels are the direct transcription of our inspirations and our commitments. They want to be massive because a jewel is there to be seen and not to be hidden »

If Bonanza can be translated as “a godsend” in French, this Spanish-sounding English term reveals the philosophy of the founder, based on the will to dare , to approach life as an opportunity that must be seized.
mini hoop earrings bonanza paris golden in cast iron chain link brass gilded with fine gold 24 carats
Hurry to discover this brand for which we immediately fell in love!
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