Misericordia is so proud to present you its store !

The collection is meeting an impresive success in this beautiful Charonne street, in the neighborhood of Bastille. Immerse yourself in all architectural details that make the exceptional beauty of our store.

Misericordia opened its new boutique on 7-9, rue de Charonne in the 11th Arrondissement. Born from the imagination of Aurélyen, the founder and designer of Misericordia, the Misericordia boutique is the perfect showcase to the spirit of the brand. The reflection of this laboratory project was born in the slums of Lima and has won over the most prestigious of concept stores with its chic and sophisticated collections. This space proposes an authentic lifestyle to satisfy those in search of trends. These consumactivists have finally found a place to impose their new values tied to the act of modern consumption.

Boutique Misericordia rue de Charonne

Entrée de la boutique Misericordia Rue de Charonne

Cabine d'essayage baroque boutique Misericordia Charonne

Portant de vêtements nouvelle collection homme Misericordia

Caisse Baroque de la boutique Misericordia Charonne

Détail architectural de la boutique Misericordia Rue de Charonne

détail architectural des cabines Misericordia rue de Charonne

détail architectural gros plan sur les cabines Misericordia rue de Charonne

détail des cabines d'essayage Misericordia rue de Charonne

Bureau de caisse Misericordia Charonne

Texture pierre noire bureau de caisse Misericordia

Parquet boutique Misericordia sérigraphié citations

Parquet noir et or sérigraphié boutique Misericordia