The Misericordia wardrobe stands out, it is creative, fair and gives pride of place to craftsmanship and the love of things well made. No detail is trivial and each motif calls for travel and reflection.

Peruvian cotton overshirt colorful artisan embroidery sunset jungle exotic landscape Peruvian craftsman black overshirt denim style elegant straight cut

► Fontanero Atardecer Black Overshirt

mid-season jacket satin bomber Peruvian cotton colorful artisanal embroidery aquatic pattern jellyfish fauna and flora Peruvian craftsman black jacket

► Paraguas Medusas Jacket Black

mid-season sweater Peruvian cotton colorful artisanal embroidery floral pattern fauna and flora Peruvian craftsman black sweater

► Macarron Flores Sweatshirt Black

subtle embroidered women's shirt black details voluminous sleeves slim fitted cut feminine long sleeves artisanal embroidery Peru

► Donata Flores Black Shirt

long black women's dress voluminous sleeves Peruvian cotton artisanal embroidery Andean condor bird pattern discreet embroidery fitted corset effect long and flowing light black dress

► Carina Vuelo Dress Black

short mid-season jacket thick cotton warm and soft bottle green fir green woman modern mixed fashion worked details comfort mid-season spring summer ethical fashion


women's cotton shirt artisanal embroidery elegance worked details fitted strapless effect loose and flowing sleeves original and elegant mid season black shirt

► Carina Shirt Black Vuelo Especial

soft and light mid-season black cotton sweater Peruvian hand-made screen printing sunset pattern bright but sober colors avant-garde graphics

► Angela Puesta De Sol Sweatshirt Black

black women's shirt Peruvian cotton artisanal embroidery black and gold swallow loose cut

► Doria Aves Shirt Black

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