At Misericordia, we leave no room for chance. Everything is thought out, considered, in order to accurately transcribe our ideas and our values . A unique artistic expression, at the heart of our creations and productions.

Creating an atmosphere, a trend, a story, this is Misericordia's objective. Experience is key when you enter our universe. Dictated by his desires and his encounters, the artist Aurelyen has created an environment specific to them. Misericordia is the work of a lifetime !

As a symbol of authenticity , the Misericordia hat is made on old knitting machines by the artisans of our workshop. With its ultra-contemporary design and the warmth it provides, it perfects your winter silhouette. It is knitted with top quality alpaca yarn. Give way to your imagination by having your head well covered with our 100% alpaca beanies.

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