Aurelyen , the designer of Misericordia, creates works of art, which relate to socio-political issues, immigration topics, collective memory, philosophical ideals, landscapes and graphic exploration .

The creations of the founder of Misericordia invite everyone to reflect on their own roots , on their cultural environment, and to understand their place within a global community.

Our art posters extend the graphic universe of Misericordia to your home. A contemporary visual signature in harmony with the social approach adopted by Misericordia: a lifestyle, not just a fashion.

Offer a unique object with a strong emotional impact . An emotion is fleeting and evaporates, a feeling develops over time, it crosses us to make us alive!

work of art Misericordia committed social creation reflection

► Limited edition silkscreen - Cerebro

drawing activist artist Aurelyen old map of Paris

► Limited edition silkscreen - Lima Paris

creative work creative process story commitment

► Limited edition silkscreen - Nomada

dirigible engraving Misericordia flight of the world disaster storm staging baroque

► Limited edition screen print - Dirigible

drawing inspired by traditional south american man invites to travel

► Limited edition screen print - Marinero

serigraphy Misericordia knight half-man half-skeleton human condition esoteric spirit

► Limited edition silkscreen - Nomada

engraving on paper to frame Misericordia spirit at home Latin poem ► Limited edition screen print - Dirigible