It is from nature, urban life and art that Aurelyen gets his inspiration, travelling between Lima and Paris. Misericordia’s designs are unique and full of stories.

As creative people, we are constantly stimulated by various, sometimes random, things around us: visuals, sounds, text, smells, memories, feelings etc. Translating all of that into unique and wearable designs is where the magic part happens!


Graphisme arracheur de dent par Aurelyen

Cavalier dessin collection mode Misericordia

Coiffure dessin mode t-shirt Misericordia




Dessin graphique Téléphone Misericordia

Misericordia Aurelyen Graphique Design

Dessin T-shirt imprimé graphique Misericordia

Visage pérou sérigraphie collection T-shirt


Générations d'enfants photographie en noir et blanc Pérou

Homme pérou dessin collection t-shirt


Couteaux dessin collection Misericordia